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We offer CT scanning with state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled professionals. Patients can trust us our efficient, reliable and safe service.
  • CT angiography,
  • CT colonoscopy
  • CT non-contrast
  • CT with contrast
  • CT interventional procedures
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Our experienced professionals and advanced technology provide fast and accurate diagnoses for a variety of medical conditions. Our sonographers all have more than 20 years clinical experience that you can trust.
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Interventional Procedures

Northcote Radiology clinic provides the following interventional procedures:
  • MSK joint injections
  •  Spinal injections
  • Pain management procedures
  • Fine needle aspirations
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We provide high-quality X-ray imaging services with advanced equipment and experienced professionals. Our X-rays are fast and reliable, and our team is dedicated to ensuring patient comfort and convenience throughout the imaging process.
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Our dental imaging services use the latest technology and skilled professionals to provide accurate and reliable results for our patients. We offer the following dental examinations:
  • OPG 
  • Lateral cephologram
  • Conebeam CT 
    - Facio-max imaging
    - Orthodontics
    - Periodonitcs
    - Implant planning & assessment
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We offer dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) imaging services for bone density measurement. Our advanced technology and experienced professionals ensure accurate and reliable results, and we prioritse patient comfort and convenience throughout the imaging process.
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